We Recycle Every Single Part of our Tires

Thinking Innovatively, Transforming Waste to Resources

We can recollect your tires wherever you are for a nominal free.

Recollecting used and scrap tires has an important positive impact on the environment. Not only is T2GR Recycling helping to keep these on and off-road tires from being disposed in landfills, littered in our landscapes, or burned ilegally. We are contributing to close the recycling loop. Many fantastic new products are produced from recycled tires. We are a leading supplier of recycled rubber.

You can drop off you tires at our plant for a small fee.

You can drop off you tires at our plant for a small fee.

Tires can be dropped Mon-Fri from 8am to 4pm at our plant located in: 12311 Weld County Rd. 41, Hudson, CO 80640

T2GR Recycling accepts both used and scrap tires. Used tires have some life left in them and are often used before their useful lives end. Scrap tires go straight to recycling. Whether used or scrap, the tires that come to our facility are never stockpiled or landfilled.