Tires to Green Recycling, LLC.

Ildefonso Roman Navarro

Ildefonso Roman Navarro is a highly experienced person as a tire recycling executive,  a very successful business man and a highly-experienced recycling professional. He understands the complexities of this business and the value proposition we bring to the market – to remove millions of scrap tires from the waste stream, recycle them and transform them into sustainable products that provides smart solutions for communities and organizations of all kinds, his broad and deep industry experience combined with his thorough knowledge of our operations make him the perfect person to lead Tires to Green Recycling. He perfectly understands that Tires to Green Recycling is managing to destruct a complex object that was built to be indestructible, maybe the toughest material to recycle.

Mr. Roman Navarro founded Tires to Green Recycling in February 2012 coming from more than 20 years of experience in the recycling, and more than 35 years in the construction, real estate development and electrical engineering industries, with a degree in Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Engineer and with a solid background in design, setup, and project management with outstanding leadership skills.

He has worked on a number of turnkey material recovery facility (MRF) installations within Mexico and South America and has consulted on small projects for independent recycling companies to large projects for major waste management companies and authorities. Mr. Roman Navarro also has vast experience managing teams of project managers, engineers, and skilled workers with a wide range of experience and abilities.

He’s a highly motivated executive who regularly strives to deliver the best practices and innovative solutions and constantly looking for new and innovative products and solutions. He is a natural leader and communicator with a proven ability to manage and complete projects to the highest standard. His areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, MRF operations and design, commodity sales, bids, logistics and exceeding customer expectations. Mr. Roman Navarro continues to be an important asset to our venture as he facilitates to broaden Tires to Green Recycling’s sales, management, and business development.

Between Roman and the engineering, management, and the sales teams, along with the company’s commitment to providing premier customer service and tire derived products (TDP) to our patrons, Tires to Green Recycling is confident that we will be able to offer effective and economic solutions to our clients proving the best materials that surpass their needs and expectations.

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